The prnciple of Switching Spark Gap

The principle of gas discharge can be used not only for overvoltage protection, but also for switching spark gap( Different from the gas discharge tube, the SSG is an active component, and after dozens of ignitions, it still has stable performance. Switching Spark gap can be used in applications requiring high-voltage shocks. Now, turning on high-pressure gas discharge lamps used in car headlights is as simple as lighting a gas flame. The performance of these igniters mainly depends on the characteristics of the switch components. Need to configure an extremely fast switch, the switch has high insulation resistance in the non-conductive state, and the loss is very small. At the same time, it should be as small and sturdy as possible, with high reliability and temperature adaptability.

The structure of Zhengmao’s switching arrester and its production process standard¬† meet the strict requirements of the reliability of multiple components in the automotive industry. More than fifteen years of practical experience has proved that our switching spark gap has extremely high functionality and reliability advantages in the application of xenon headlights. Switching Spark Gap: ZM86 2R800L( lead in China. Most of companys can not produce excellent quality products, however, zhengmao can guarantee perfact performance and quality.


Post time: Jul-28-2020
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