Operating Principle-Gas discharge tube

Gas-filled surge arresters operate on the gas-physical  principle of the highly effective arc discharge. Electrically,  surge arresters act as voltage-dependent switches. As  soon as the voltage applied to the arrester exceeds the  spark-over voltage, an arc is formed in the hermetically  sealed discharge region within nanoseconds. The high  surge current handling capability and the arc voltage,  which is almost independent of the current, short-circuit  the overvoltage. When the discharge has died down,  the arrester extinguishes and the internal resistance  immediately returns to values of several 100 MΩ.

The surge arrester thus meets almost perfectly all  requirements made on a protective element. It reliably  limits the overvoltage to permissible values, and– under normal operating conditions – the high insulation  resistance and the low capacitance contribute to the fact  that an arrester.

Post time: Jul-06-2020
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