Development of ZM

Electronic circuit protection industry originated in Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries, and gradually entered China in the 1990s. At first, due to the low starting point of the late start, the technology, and the quality of the electronic circuit protection industry has a big gap with foreign countries. With a number of people focusing on scientific and technological research and development, With the rapid rise of enterprises that regard quality as life to revitalize national brands, China’s circuit protection industry has gradually moved from low-end to high-end and from domestic to international stage.

Science and technology are the primary productive forces. The achievements in the field of circuit protection in China once again verified Deng Xiaoping’s famous words. Among the many struggling science and technology workers, Bide Wang, the representative of Zhengmao Electronics, who has focused on scientific research for 20 years, is the typical representative.

Nearly ten years of deep tillage, focus on scientific research and quality, so that ZM stands in the forefront of the industry.

But the circuit protection field competition is extremely intense, does not advance is retreated, as the company technology research and development chief executive Bide Wang, the industry situation, the skill high person bravery, to the company further full of confidence.

“Now electronic circuit protection products are going to both extremes, either very large or very small. In the discharge tube, we should increase the arc voltage, increase the continuous current and reduce the atmospheric pressure, and the integration may also be the trend in the future. These aspects of research and development, our factory laboratories are doing, in order to prepare for the future. “I am confident that the company will build on the present, and the future goal is to build the first brand in the field of circuit protection.”

I believe that in the future, metallocene electrons will become better and better. The great stage of the world is well known to more and more people.



Post time: May-06-2019
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