800V/1000V/500V –Switching spark gap

The working principle of the switching spark gap: a certain DC voltage (commonly 500V—https://www.zhengmaoelec.com/zm86-2r500l.html,;

800V—https://www.zhengmaoelec.com/zm86-2r800l-2.html; 1100V—https://www.zhengmaoelec.com/88mm-1000v-switching-spark-gap.html) charges the capacitor through the primary RC circuit, when the capacitor voltage is greater¬†¬†than the discharge tube breakdown voltage (commonly 400V, 600V, 800V),

The discharge tube breaks down quickly (usually 20-30ns), and high voltage

(usually 20-30kV) is generated in the secondary through the inductive loop to trigger the HID lamp. Commonly used gases for switch discharge tubes are argon,

hydrogen, neon, and krypton.

Different from ordinary discharge tubes, switching discharge tubes are used in the automotive industry, and their service life, ppm failure rate, etc. have strict


The main directions of current development are: small size, narrower range of good products, and so on.


Post time: Aug-12-2020
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