7.2/8 * 10 3-electrode Gas Discharge tube

GDT:  7.2/8*10mm 


As a professional manufacturers, our object is understand what is customers really want. They hope suppliers not only can provide excellent quality, but also delivery on time.

Our technicians constantly enhance formula and technology to improve products quality. Of course, it received recognition from our customers.

The products 7.2/8 *10mm series that electrical reference: Impulse discharge current 8/20μs(KA) can reach about 30KA. The pass rate has increased a lot. It is important that the entire production process is checked and continuous efforts of engineers.

We believe the brand of ZM will develop more and more well. And we hope the brand of ZM will go the international stage. Actually, ZM’s customers main come from Europe, America, South Korea and Japan. They always appreciate our excellent quality.

Post time: Jul-25-2019
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