The difference between 2-electrode surge arrester and 3-electrode surge arrester

The discharge electrodes of the gas discharge tube are generally two, three or five. The electrodes are separated by inert gas. According to the number of electrodes, they are divided into two-pole gas discharge tubes or three-pole gas discharge tubes.


n the design of lightning protection circuits, attention should be paid to the selection of parameter values such as the DC breakdown voltage, impulse breakdown voltage, and current capacity of the gas discharge tube. The discharge tube set on the ordinary AC line requires that it cannot operate within the normal operating voltage of the line and its allowable fluctuation range, and its DC discharge voltage should meet: min(ufdc)≥1.8UP.

ufdc DC breakdown voltage, min(ufdc) represents the minimum value of DC breakdown voltage. UP is the peak value of the normal operating voltage of the line.


Post time: Aug-13-2020
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