• GDT—features

    The principle and selection of the discharge tube make 1, product description The ceramic gas discharge tube (Surge Arrester) is the most widely used switching device in lightning protection equipment, whether it is lightning protection for AC and DC power supplies or various signal circuits For ...
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  • The difference between 2-electrode surge arrester and 3-electrode surge arrester

    The discharge electrodes of the gas discharge tube are generally two, three or five. The electrodes are separated by inert gas. According to the number of electrodes, they are divided into two-pole gas discharge tubes or three-pole gas discharge tubes.                 n the design of lightning pr...
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  • 800V/1000V/500V –Switching spark gap

    The working principle of the switching spark gap: a certain DC voltage (commonly 500V—https://www.zhengmaoelec.com/zm86-2r500l.html,; 800V—https://www.zhengmaoelec.com/zm86-2r800l-2.html; 1100V—https://www.zhengmaoelec.com/88mm-1000v-switching-spark-gap.html) charges the capaci...
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  • Product Types Selection

    1. The nominal voltage of the gas discharge tube in the DC ci is selected to be 1.8 times the working voltage: in the AC circuit, it is selected to be 2.5 times the effective value of the working voltage. 2. The nominal current capacity of the gas discharge tube should b...
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  • The function of Switching Spark Gap

    The function of the switching spark gap is to convert direct current into high frequency alternating current, which is convenient for boosting or stepping down. High voltage rectifier-high voltage filter-switch tube inverter-high frequency step down-low voltage rectifier...
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  • The prnciple of Switching Spark Gap

    The principle of gas discharge can be used not only for overvoltage protection, but also for switching spark gap(https://www.zhengmaoelec.com/products/switching-spark-gap/). Different from the gas discharge tube, the SSG is an active component, and after dozens of ignitions, it still has stable p...
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