• The function of Switching Spark Gap

    The function of the switching spark gap is to convert direct current into high frequency alternating current, which is convenient for boosting or stepping down. High voltage rectifier-high voltage filter-switch tube inverter-high frequency step down-low voltage rectifier...
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  • The prnciple of Switching Spark Gap

    The principle of gas discharge can be used not only for overvoltage protection, but also for switching spark gap( Different from the gas discharge tube, the SSG is an active component, and after dozens of ignitions, it still has stable p...
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  • Operating Principle-Gas discharge tube

    Gas-filled surge arresters operate on the gas-physical  principle of the highly effective arc discharge. Electrically,  surge arresters act as voltage-dependent switches. As  soon as the voltage applied to the arrester exceeds the  spark-over voltage, an arc is formed in the hermetically  sealed ...
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  • 1800V Spark Gap Tube

    High Voltage of Switching Spark Gap—1800V with standard size, extremely long life time, very long switching losses and short breakdown time.
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  • MacLean Power Systems Upgrades Alabaster, Alabama, Foundry

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  • Research Segment of Ceramic Gas Discharge Tube Market (2020

    The Global Ceramic Gas Discharge Tube Market report conveys data of market measure (volume and esteem), and the divides markets by regions, types, actual drivers, models, challenges, applications, yearly development rate, figures, and organizations. The Ceramic Gas Discharge Tube market report pr...
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