About ZM

With convenient transportation and rapid economical development, Ningbo Zhengmao Electronics Co., Ltd. (with a former name Ningbo Shitong Telecommunication Component Factory) is located in the south of Ningbo Zhejiang Province, China. Founded in 2002, our company specializes in researching and manufacturing Switching Spark Gaps, Gas Discharge Tube and others. 

Switching Spark Gap (SSG) has a voltage mainly ranging from 110V to 800V with many advantages including complete varieties, good stability and long lifetime (it can be switched for over thousands of times to millions of times). This product is mainly used for ignition on HID ballast or street lamps, etc.

Gas Discharge Tube is anti-aging with high insulation resistance, small capacitance and quick response. It is widely used for over-voltage protection of telecom and other electronics as well as lightning protection.

We are a member under identification of Quality Management System (ISO9001-2008QMS). Our products all meet the International standard of IEC61643-311, Recommendation Standard of ITU-T K.12 and the national standard GB/T9043-2008/ Communication Equipment Over-voltage Protection with General Technical Conditions on Gas Discharge Tube, etc. Gas Discharge Tube is RoHS compliant, also has been certified by German TüV, American UL and SGS. 

Based on Quality, we aim at satisfying our customers by continually improving our product quality and service to meet your needs. 


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