Review 2018

Today I would like to make a summary of Zhengmao’s 2018. You’re sure to ask? 2019 is halfway through. You shouldn’t make a good summary of 2019. How can you stay in 2018?  Zhengmao employees know that 2018 is an extraordinary year for everyone, with laughter, tears and hardships. That’s why you miss it even more.  In 2018, under the leadership of Mr. Wang Bide, General Manager and Chief engineer, in order to give customers better product quality assurance, the existing products were improved first. We know that progress is not to become better on the basis of the original, but to let ourselves go up to a tall building. Therefore, the design of new products has become a new goal for us. With the efforts of all colleagues, the new product was also handed in a satisfactory answer paper at the end of 2018. (  GDT and Switching Spark Gap As we know, there are many kinds of GDT and Switching Spark Gap with different dimensions and voltages in electronics market. Therefore, customer have more chance to choose which is best. However, most of them are noticed price, the quality ignored by them. It make serious problem in market.  Actually, many super brand are “superstar” in most customers mind. However, the price are higher than the other products in market. At this time, more and more factory do the GDT and Switching Spark Gap. They also received appreciate by their customers. It is a good opportunity for customers to choose.  I believe that Zhengmao surge arrester( is also a leader in this, which brings customers not only the guarantee of product quality, but also the peace of mind. The company specialized in GDT and Switching Spark Gap for more than 20 years. There are many customers come from all over the world. Indeed, they always appreciate Zhengmao’s excellent quality and performance. If you would like to know more about our products, please contact us in any your free time. Do not wait.(

Post time: May-24-2019
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