Know more about gas discharge tube


1.Q: Electrodes are produced at Zhengmao or subcontacted? Purchased?

A: Electrodes purchase from other company.

2.Q:  In case of purchase (subcontracted) how do you control the quality of your supplier?

A: We have a qualify purchase standard.

3. Q: Nature of the electrode: copper,other?

A:Iron-Nickel alloy


1.Q:Where are they coming from? Produce at Zhengmao or purchased? Kind of ceramic?

A:We purchase ceramics from other company also.  We also have a qualified quality management like electrode.

2.Q:Difference between those suppliers?

A: Those suppliers do not have much difference.

3. Q:IQC control? Which one?

A: We choose ISO control.

4. Q:Material conformity document?

A: Yes, we have a qualified document that certified by government.

5. Q:Using of graphit stripes on the ceramic, why?

A:As we know, carbon acts as a conductor. We stripes on the ceramics to make it can  conductive.


1. Q:Kind of powder?

A:Our technician developed a formula containing more than 10 materials in laboratory.

2.Q:How do you measure the QTY of powder used on GDT?

A:The key step of produce GDT is powder quality.  The whole develop powder is extremely strict. Then how do we test them? If the produce  excellent GDT. It means there is no erro in powder. If  we do not produce excellent quality GDT. It means the powder are not accord with the quality qualify.

Electrode on the ceramic:

1. Q:How do you control that the electrode are well placed (centered) on the ceramic?

A:We have a  automatic equipment to controlling them. Adsolutely, the equipment need more power to welding each Gas Discharge Tube.  At the same time, the welding grooves are must be fixed with lead. If the Gas Discharge Tubes should be with leads.

Post time: Oct-30-2018
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