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To all the customers:

Our switching spark gap, surge arrester and high-power discharge tube have been developed of the process and the improvement of the automation degree of the production equipment are now available at the price: for example, 7.2/8*10 mm (8/20 µs parameter can reach 30KA),6*6* 8and 6*8 can reach 20KA, and 5*7.5 can reach 15KA. The price is at 0.23$/ pcs. 5.5* 4/5*5 and the triode all solve the short-circuit problem, and the performance can be compared with the famous brand. The switch discharge tube is in the leading position.

I hope we can sincerely and friendly cooperation, such as a large number of negotiations. Thank you!


Post time: Jul-10-2019
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