Improvement Quality

Gas discharge tube are tubes consist with ceramic tube and electrode.( The excellent quality gas discharge tube depend on the process of producing. Different kind of gas discharge tube need different formula and process. Zhengmao Electronics Co., Ltd continually providing the best quality gas discharge tube for our customers. At the same time, we also update our equipment to improve produce. It is important for ZM guaranteed pass rate that why importers keep purchasing our gas discharge tube for more than 15 years. At present,  the series of Ø7.2/8*10mm impulse discharge current 8/20µs can reach 30KA. The types of 6*6*8、Ø6*8 can realized 20KA.  The kinds of Ø5*7.5 also get 15KA.(www.china-zhengmao/com) As we know, more and more trader sell very cheap gas discharge tube for buyer. Most buyer would like to choose them. However, it will have some problem when they use after a time. For example, short-circuit are very serious problem. Especially for products of  Ø5.5*4Ø5*5 and some 3-electrode gas discharge . Our technicians team solved short circuit after hard work. It worth congratulation. ZM are constantly improve itself and believe that the future will be better.(

Post time: Jun-26-2019
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