• Application Of Surge Arrester and Switching Spark Gap

    Main Application: The Breakdown voltage of Switching Spark Gap (SSG) mainly ranging from 110V to 1000V with many advantages including complete varieties, good stability and long lifetime (it can be switched for over thousands of times to millions of times). This product is mainly used for ignitio...
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    Ningbo Zhengmao Electronics Co., Ltd To all the customers: Our switching spark gap, surge arrester and high-power discharge tube have been developed of the process and the improvement of the automation degree of the production equipment are now available at the price: for example, 7.2/8*10 mm (8/...
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  • What Is The Surge Arrester

    A surge arrester is a device to protect electrical equipment from over-voltage transients caused by external (lightning) or internal (switching) events. Also called a surge protection device (SPD) or transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS), this class of device is used to protect equipment in p...
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  • Improvement Quality

    Gas discharge tube are tubes consist with ceramic tube and electrode.( The excellent quality gas discharge tube depend on the process of producing. Different kind of gas discharge tube need different formula and process. Zhengmao Electronics Co., Ltd continually providing t...
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  • Transportation in ZM

    The Transportation in ZM         Zhengmao Electronics Co., Ltd are keep exporting Gas Discharge Tube and Switching Spark Gap for more than 15 years. According to customers requirements, we apply international logistic account. For example: UPS、DHL、FedEx、TNT. Or forwarders tha...
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  • ZM30125L1 Series

    ZM30125L1 Series                                                                     Electrical Specification: Type Ф30×12.5mm ZM30125 2R-500L1 ZM30125 2R-600L1 ZM30125 2R-700L1 ZM30125 2R-800L1 Nominal DC Spark-over voltage 100V/s(V) 500 600 700 800 DC spark-over voltage >400 >480 >550...
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