• Know more about gas discharge tube

    Electrode: 1.Q: Electrodes are produced at Zhengmao or subcontacted? Purchased? A: Electrodes purchase from other company. 2.Q:  In case of purchase (subcontracted) how do you control the quality of your supplier? A: We have a qualify purchase standard. 3. Q: Nature of the electrode: copper,other...
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  • UL Certification

    GDT(Gas Discharge Tube)     As we know, this product is mainly used for industrial switching equipment、telecom centre office equipment、data network、TV set top box receiver and medical equipment.  It is reliably reduce a thousands of voltage to a safety voltage, which less than 10V to prot...
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  • Surage Arrester

    ZM gas discharge tube surge arrester devices protect personnel and electrical equipment from damaging high voltage transients induced by lighting, inductive switching or electrotastic discharge. Depending upon the application, ZM offers  a variety of two and three electrode GDTs for protecting te...
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  • Automatics Typewriter

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  • Function of gas discharge tube

    The gas discharge tubes are designed to withstand many impulses without destruction or loss of the initial characteristics (typical impulse tests are 10 times x 5kA impulses for each polarity). On the other hand, a sustained very high current, i.e. 10A rms for 15 seconds, with simulate the droppi...
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  • [Report] Gas Discharge Tube introduction

    Gas Discharge Tubes – Introduction   A gas discharge tube is a bulb or tube (usually glass), with two (or more) electrodes inserted into it, that has been evacuated and filled with a gas or gas mixture usually at somewhat less than atmospheric pressure. All such tubes have the...
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